Day: August 10, 2021

Shooting a podcast in Piedmont Park with some friends and family.

Work/Life Balance

A Lot easier said than done. ESPECIALLY when you’re a full-time Entrepreneur, full-time student, full-time parent, and full-time servant of Christ. Duty always calls. Portable laptops, “mommy bags”, and wine seem to become a part of the daily regimen.  If you’re anything like me you have a duffle bag packed with bug spray, allergy medicines, …

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I had the absolute pleasure of traveling out of the country 3 times in my 30+ years of living. Cancun, and the Dominican Republic twice. It was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever encountered. One of the most memorable moments would be horseback riding in Cancun through one of the neighborhoods. It was quite bittersweet. …

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Are you planning your “new year new me” mantra? Are you finding yourself writing the same list every year between December 30th and January 1st but never really accomplishing it?