Phases of a butterfly

A butterfly’s life cycle is symbolic to the spiritual journey we endure throughout our lives. What phase of the journey best represents where you are spiritually?


This is the beginning of life for us. Just like the caterpillar, we begin life slowly one step at a time. We mosey along looking for our place in the world most times not understanding what we’re called to do while all along there is something deep and beautiful within us waiting to blossom. As long as (we) the caterpillar continue to aim for the next day we will eventually get our wings to soar.


The cocooning phase of our life is the process in which we MUST progress through in order to enter the next stage. Cocooning for us means digressing from the high demand of showing up for others just to end up depleted of the energy we need for ourselves.

ITS MANDATORY that we take time to invest in the betterment of our personal and professional developmental process. This is a much needed sacrifice that will soon pay off. As you spend time in your cocoon take inventory of what thoughts are lying dormant in your mind.

What task are you repeating but are yielding minimum results? What changes could you make today that the future you will be grateful for? Once you’ve discovered your “WHY”  TAKE ACTION!  Be careful not to overshare in your season of solitude.


The time is now here to resurface. Now that you’ve developed into the AMAZING, EYE-CATCHING, CAPTIVATING individual you are called to be you can begin to fly.  You’ve put in the work so go spread your gifts and talents to those who are counting on you.

Our life’s lessons are not just for us, they come so that we can assist someone else along the way. Did you know that no two butterflies are created the same and that every design on a butterfly’s wing is uniquely given to that individual butterfly? This also applies to our lives as well.

Our Journey is uniquely Tailor-made for us. We may have had similar experiences but the way we perceive the lesson is always going to be completely different from the next person.  

It’s GO TIME!!!



Are you planning your “new year new me” mantra? Are you finding yourself writing the same list every year between December 30th and January 1st but never really accomplishing it?